Fellowship @ Chilling Waterfall

by - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Since I'm on my semester break, I shall use this opportunity to update my dead blog.
My apologies guys.

Went to Chilling Waterfall, Kuala Kubu Bharu few weeks ago with the Rotaract bunch.
All of us gathered at a mamak restaurant (AT 6.30 AM! OMGWASSOSLEEPY) for breakfast before we make our move.
It's funny to see the members so early in the morning with their half asleep faces :)
There were 4 cars and I followed Waiperng's car, along with Lydia, Jiayun and Sha Lin.
We had to rely on Waze to get there. Well actually.. Waiperng's car used Google Maps and the rest used Waze. Why?
I personally dislike using Waze because everytime I do, I ended up getting lost. OR, it directs me to the wrong places -__- tough luck (same goes for Waiperng, so YAY!)

So after the 1 and a half hour drive (or maybe more), we arrived at Chilling Waterfall!!
We had to pay RM1 each for the entrance fee. And then travel ourselves into the wild (LOL) with the available tracks.
We went through muddy routes and crossed rivers (withspiderscrawlinghereandthere).
And then.. Fun time!!
Let the pictures do the talking because I'm running out of words. HAHHAHAH!

Till then.. :)

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