Sick as a dawg

by - Thursday, August 14, 2014

//it rained today. even the weather feels sorry for me. jk.//
Being sick sucks guys. Sucks BIG TIME.
I think i'm sick for like 3 days already!?!? This is the fourth day.
When I'm sick, I have this sequence or steps going on. I do not know why but it takes place like this:
First I'm all weak and don't feel like moving at all.
Just lying down like a log that weighs about a thousand kilograms  O.o Then I start having mild fever, and slowly comes the flu, sore throat and finally BAM!! I start coughing like a mad person until my sides and my throat hurts as though I've been scrapping it with sand paper. THE HORROR. *I think I'm exaggerating but this is how I normally feel when Im sick*
But I think the worse part of being sick (besides coughing like cray) would be not being able to taste your food. Any food. It's as though your taste buds died on you and fails to give you the happiness you can get from eating. I love to eat. Being sick doesn't normally stop me from eating except during the first few days. So can you imagine how sad I am when I cannot taste anything. The feeling is at a large degree of despair.

When I woke up this morning, the coughing has subside but that's not important. The important thing is that... I AM ABLE TO TASTE MY FOOD AGAIN! *throwsconfettirunaroundandannoyyoursiblings* YES!
Joy to the world guys :) Anyway, feeling much better today. Been drinking a lot of water and going to the washroom a lot (because drinking tons of water makes you do so).
Also! I'm excited for the Cameron Highlands trip with the Frostbite (frisbee) fam this Saturday. YAYYYY! Hope the trip turns out great and everyone will have a good time.

Till then..

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