by - Sunday, June 21, 2015

Been sitting down, staring in front of the laptop and typing away a lot lately.
Blaming on the assignments /:
I've got two assignments to do, and both due on the same day.
Sitting down for too long especially with a very bad sitting posture of mine,
Has taken a toll on my back and shoulder.
Trying my best to adjust my posture but I end up hunching anyway. Mehhh..
I used to stretch a lot last time.
After leaving high school, I left cheer, and I needed to stay fit
Because being in cheer was the only form of exercise I had..
Besides the occasional track and field training I had back when I represented my sports house's (GO BIRU!!) running events.
I eventually stopped stretching.. Though there are times when I forced myself to stretch because of my back pain.
Yesterday, was the day, I decided to push myself again once more.
I really wanted to crack my back.
By crack I don't mean break my back but to just.. you know..
It's as though you're popping your knuckles, but I'm just trying to pop my back. Hah!
I was quite shocked to still be able to pull off a backbend with a single leg life (like the picture).
Honestly, my back feels so good after stretching and it's always good to strengthen my core.
I promised myself to pick up yoga again. Start doing it properly this time., Hmm..
We shall see how it goes this time :)

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