by - Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finally done with my last assignment for this semester.
The turnitin report displayed 0% plagiarism - not sure if I should be relieved or worried.
Nevertheless, was blessed with very good and cooperative group mates and I'm happy ;)

What else is there now?
As far as I know.. All there is to do is to study for finals. Mehh.
The mood to study has not kicked in yet and it has to.. ASAP.
I have two papers to sit for this sem, one on the 25th and the other on the 30th, this month.
Most of my friends will be finishing their exams ahead of me. Bummer.

That being said, once I'm done with my last paper I have semester break for about a month or so.
Should I be happy? I don't know.
What's bugging me is that I've not been doing much about my thesis
And my supervisor advised me to spend my semester break wisely, hmm..
(indirectly asking me to focus on my thesis, what is life)

I guess the things that I'm looking forward to would be frisbee trainings and outings with him :) Yayyy!
Oh, missed out a thing..
Few days ago, I got myself a minor knee injury.
Fell down and hit my knee on the floor during one of the training.
Definitely wasn't the best feeling ever but I survived. LOL.
Skipped training today because of not being able to run or walk without limping.
Thank God it's not a serious one though. Phew :)
Can't wait to run againnnn!
Till then..

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