monthly encounter

by - Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If you're gonna read this, please don't judge me. Thanks. 

I literally just google-d "How to control your emotions during the time of the month"..
You may laugh..
Sadly, I'm starting to experience crazy mood swings (which I've not been having for years btw, but a lot during the recent months).
It's quite worrying.. because it's affecting those who are around me as well (I'm sorry).
Not good.
It bothers me so much, because little things like making decisions on where to eat or what to wear,
becomes monumental and I agonize over them.
Or get frustrated.. And dwell in sadness *imjustexaggeratingbutidofeelfrustrated*
It bothers me so much, when I get so sensitive and easily irritable.
I seriously need to know how control "this situation" better.
For a fact, I know that the hormones fluctuate throughout the month,
not just before aunt flo decides to pay you a visit, and stay for a few days..
It upsets me because it would affect not only my concentration, but also my surroundings.
Also, I eat a lot. A LOT.
Need to control.

Story of my life.

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