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I'm done with exams (for now)!!
Was scrolling through Instagram and then I clicked on my profile
Looked at the picture above thinking.. Yea, I sure did struggled.
But that's done. 
How shall I spend my holiday?? :)
For a start, watched Paper Towns

I'm starting to lower down my expectations on film adaptations of novels.. books..
Like for Paper Towns,
I was really looking forward to it.
The boy asked if I wanted to watch Ant-Man or Paper Towns, I obviously chose the latter.
It was sort of a let down. Mehh..
I don't hate the movie, I just thought, it could have been better?
I dont know.. What do you guys think?
The Fault in Our Stars > Paper Towns though. Seriously.

But yea.. back to what I was going on about.
After the movies, we went for a farewell dinner at MBL, HQ @ Sunway.
And then went home.
The next day (yesterday), I went to Malacca!
Yes, Malacca is placed in the World Heritage List, under UNESCO.
This time, I visited Malacca just for the food. Heh :)
I'm still considering if I should dedicate a blog post solely on the one-day trip.
Anyhow! It was a good trip.
It was my first trip together with just the boy.
Tbh, it was suppose to be us and a bunch of friends but..
Change of plans and only the two of us were able to go, because it was quite a last minute plan.
So we end up going anyway! And it was worth it :)
I get to spend time with him and more importantly,
I get to keep my tummy happy. Yes, important.
Hahahhah! Jk!
Or maybe not. . . :)

How is your weekend so far??

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