by - Monday, August 10, 2015

Mom! Dad! I got a medal!! LOL!
It was a really hot and sunny Saturday at Sunway University,
where the MAPCU Ultimate Frisbee tourney was held.
It's been months since the last I trained under the hot scorching sun.
.... It was so hot, that I couldn't stand still at one point,
because my foot felt like it was on hot water despite wearing the cleats.
And I succumbed to rubbing the outer layer of my cleats with ice cubes. imnotkidding
Nevertheless, it was great to be out on the field again, 
Running with all my might.
There is a great deal of pressure playing with a team.
You know.. the feeling of not letting your team down.
Yes, I did a few miserable throws.
Yes, I wasn't able to catch up with my opponent a few times.
But all is well.
People make mistakes right.
Besides, I'm only human. hahahhahahahaahh
In all seriousness, I'm learning from my mistakes 
And I know I need to work more on that forehand throws.
Maybe backhand too? 
Okay fine, both.
I believe there is always room for improvement :)
So happy for my team (HELP University), to be able to get third placing.
We did aimed higher, but heyyyyy.. 
Third is better than nothing ;)
It's good to win something and it's actually my first time getting a medal since I started playing frisbee.
So yayy!!
Good job team!

Looking forward to more tourneys!

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