Breakfast At Huckleberry

by - Friday, September 11, 2015

Had an early breakfast yesterday, around 7.40am with the boy and Farah at Huckleberry Food & Fare, Damansara Heights. The place does not serve pork, opens from 7.30am and it closes on Mondays. I must say, the eatery looks pretty from the outside, with their off-white walls and gold lettering. Didn't manage to snap a picture of the exterior nor the interior, so you must go there yourself and check it out :)

 The boy's plate. He ordered Couple of Eggs - fried egg (there's also the poached or scrambled egg option) and freshly baked Farmer's bread with butter.

Farah and I both had the ham & cheese croissant. It was delicious. From the first look, I thought the croissant was going to be hard, but when I cut through it using fork and knife, to my delight.. It wasn't (except for the very bottom layer of it). 

 As you can see, the croissant is generously layered with ham & cheese :)

Awkward sausage. . HAHHAHAHAH! The boy ordered the homemade sausage as side. Besides meat, the fillings were mushrooms, black pepper and cheese. p/s: you can see the cheese oozing out. LOL!

And as usual, the boy and I ordered cappuccino for ourselves. Huckleberry is known for its coffee, as it uses Sumatran Gayo blend. Farah decided to skip her coffee. Actually, she doesn't really drink coffee often.. But she does, occasionally :) xx

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