5 Things I'm Happy For // 3

by - Saturday, October 03, 2015

1. Had a pretty good caramel macchiato after some time. I would usually go for cappuccino, but the boy suggested me to opt for another type of coffee. So instead of the usual, I ordered caramel macchiato (normally get this when I go to Starbucks and not cafes). It was good! I recommend you guys to try it @ Upstairs Cafe, Subang.

2. Had Nandos! Offered my Peri App to redeem my 9th Chili but it didn't went through. Only noticed it when I was back home. What a bummer! Nevertheless, was happy to have Nandos!! Who doesn't? :)

3. This was suppose to be in last week's list but.. I didn't manage to post one. Mehhh. Will just include it in this list? :P Went for KL HAT 2015 on the 26 & 27 September. The boy and I got to be in the same team: RED. Overall, it was a good learning experience. Playing frisbee alongside experienced and seasoned players, as well as watching the rest of the teams play. Great weekend of frisbee!


4. Guess who brought over my favorite snacks while I'm busy typing away for my thesis???? Hehehhe.. Thanks Balrum :) Road to being a fatty.

5. Watched The Intern with the boy (he watched it twice). Love it. A MUST WATCH.

How was your week and what were you happy about? :)

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