5 Things I'm Happy For // 4

by - Monday, October 19, 2015

1. Last year, I played for Impact team during the 2014 Shark Alam Ultimate Open. This year, I played for Badgers. I've learnt so much playing with both teams and despite being in a different team (not of mine), I enjoyed playing! Both teams displayed very good sportsmanship and teamwork. Will definitely improve with time, to be a better frisbee player :) Thank you Badgers for giving me an opportunity to play with you guys. It was fun!

2. I'm definitely seeing a positive and progressive process for my thesis. I know I have very limited time left, but I will make it through. I must. Blessed to have friends, family, and a good supervisor to help me along the way.

3.  My friends and I surprised Faiz for his birthday on Saturday (very late surprise :P ). I hope he's happy!! He was talking a lot that evening. Hmm.. I guess it means he's having a good time. LOL! Kudos to Farah, Chelsea and Aiman for planning it. And everyone for bringing good food since it was a potluck party.

Cupcakes from Wondermilk thanks to Farah!

4. Alya and Rosh stayed over at my place on Friday night because we had to cook for Faiz's birthday surprise potluck. It was fun! From shopping for ingredients to dinner full of laughter :) We made spaghetti with tomato, basil and garlic meat sauce (and tons of mushrooms + oregano). We received pretty good feedbacks from our friends. Yayyyy! Thanks to Alya for guiding Rosh and I (your humble sous chef).

5. Went to my favorite appam stall, Chelo Appam , Bangsar. It was totally unplanned. I was suppose to go home before the jam starts, but... didn't get to. So I asked Alya and Rosh if they wanted to join me, and they say yes :) Besides appam, we also ordered the nasi lemak, thosai, uttapam (onion thosai), curry puffs and popiah (springrolls). Oh! Their teh tarik as well! Yum yum in my tum tum :)



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