Afternoon Tea at Hype Concept Cafe

by - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

ss15 cafe

Went to Hype Concept Cafe at SS15, Subang with the boy and Farah. In case you haven't notice, Farah is normally the friend who thirdwheels (I feel so bad, I'm sorry faa. I'm sure you don't mind right).

ss15 cafe
 I ordered the Iced Cube Chai, one of their signature drink.

hype concept cafe
 The ice cubes are actually made from freezing the tea into cubes. Pretty cool right.

ss15 cafe
The barista told me to add in a tiny amount of milk first, and try the tea out before proceeding to add more milk. Little by little.

Honestly, it takes a while for the iced tea cubes to dissolve and mix with the milk. I had to keep stirring. It was good though. First thing you get to taste is the milk tea (which also has a nice scent to it), followed by a minty after taste because of the mint leaves. I removed the mint leaves soon enough as I didn't want my milk tea to have a strong minty taste.

Farah ordered a fruity tea (crap, I forgot the name of the tea), I think it was called creamy strawberry or something. Mehhh.. Sorry guys.


I love the smell of this tea. It wasn't a bold one, but a soft and creamy scent. I tried some and it was not bad, considering I'm more of a coffee person rather than tea :)
The boy didn't order any as the cafe specializes in tea, and he loves his coffee, so yea.

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