Almost a routine

by - Monday, October 05, 2015

She sat by the corner of her bed
Looking down at her her feet, thinking
How much patience does one has?
A question she asks herself almost frequently.
There's only so much a person can take. No?
She guessed; it won't be easy dealing with all things coming from different directions.
When things are just too overwhelming..
But with the help of those around, closed ones especially, one can definitely gain back center.
Then she proceeds to the washroom, washed her face, and brushed her teeth.
While brushing her teeth, she looked into the mirror, and momentarily stares at her reflection.
She half heartedly smiled and continued to brush her teeth.
She wiped her face with the face towel hanging by the door and walked to the edge of her bed.
Routinely, she reached for the switch, to switch the lights off.
But at that moment of time, she realized that she was going to be sleeping alone that night.
So she decided to leave the lights on, and go to bed.
She tucked herself. Tossed and turned a few times to find the right spot.
And she goes to sleep, while hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

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