Brunch at Bedrock Restaurant Cafe

by - Friday, October 02, 2015

Went to Bedrock @ USJ Taipan with the boy and Farah for brunch the other day.
Found this place thanks to Surplus :)

I ordered their famous signature Salted Roast Chicken with two sides (RM18). You can choose two out of the five options they offer. I went for the Creamy Mashed Potato and Cajun Spiced Rice.

The Creamy Mashed Potato came with a sesame-like gravy. Correct me if I'm wrong but the gravy tasted like Kewpie Japanese Dressing in Roasted Sesame. I don't know.. It tasted similar. It was good. Farah and I liked it but the boy didn't. Apparently it was too cold for his liking. LOL.

Cajun Spiced Rice: Rice cooked with homemade Chorizo, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and boiled chicken juice.

Farah ordered the Primavera (RM15). This was good as well! The pasta was cooked al dente. There were chicken pieces, cherry tomatoes, capsicum and parmesan cheese. I think tiny bits of "cili padi" as well.

Cappuccino for two :)

Overall the food was alright. The only downside is.. Bedrock doesn't provide WiFi service. That being said, I don't mind coming here again for their pasta, coffee, and ambiance.

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