Brunch at myBurgerLab HQ

by - Thursday, October 15, 2015

On Monday morning, I went to uni for my appointment with my supervisor regarding my thesis.
After having tournament during the weekend (both days), it took all my might to get out of the bed and head to the shower. Meh.
So yea! Got ready and I went for my appointment.
After that, went to Artisan HQ to grab my daily fix with the boy. I think I was sort of passing all my stress to him because I remember complaining on how I'm pressed for time and I still have so much to do for my thesis. Meh again.
We decided to ask if any of our friends are free for lunch (most of them are not as it was midterm week). Then Roshni (after much persuasion), and Farah joined us.

myBurgerLab HQ @ Sunway have the Monday Lunch Deal (11am - 2pm). The main idea of this deal is to chase the Monday blues away. Yasss! You get a hotdog, hashbrown and a bottomless drink for only RM10. Yes, RM 10 :) Pretty awesome right?!

 The boy and I ordered the Coney Island hotdog. I wanted the Satay Dog but.. it's sold out apparently.

 Monday Lunch Deal: hotdog, hashbrown and a bottomless drink (not in picture).

 How the Coney Island hotdog looks like inside (Yes, I took a big bite of it. LOL)

 Farah ordered the Flaming Chicken burger. One of my favorite as well! Lunch set excluded.

 Roshni ordered the Cheesy Dog (or something like that).

For sides, the boy ordered the BurgerLab fries.

Roshni and I kept stealing the boy's fries because it was so good paired with their chili mayo sauce, and after a while.. She decided to try out the Posh Fries (that's her getting her fries) :)

 Ta-da!! Posh Fries (inspired by Yellow Brick Road), with parmesan cheese and truffle oil.

 Honestly, we didn't really like the cheese dip, so we got the usual BurgerLab chili mayo sauce (which is the btw).

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