5 Things I'm Happy For // 5

by - Thursday, December 31, 2015

Approximately 8 hours left before we welcome the year 2016 (GMT +8), and I've decided to post my last 'Five Things I'm Happy For'  list, putting an emphasis on the month of December. I think the last time I posted up this list was about 2 months ago. Hahhh.. I apologize for the lackluster (which reminds me - I need to come up with a more efficient method on updating the blog). So, there were many things that I came across throughout this month and listing only five things will not do any justice, but I guess I should just highlight the best of the best. p/s: did you guys hopped on the bandwagon for the #bestnine2015 tag? I've not. Heh. Okay okay! Let's get on with this! :)

1. I am happy and relieved to finally finish up on my thesis. Done and dusted. All that is left is the results and I'm hoping for the best. This also includes sitting for my last exam/finals. For the past three and a half years, I've been pushing myself to achieve the results that I wanted. Everything was going alright and I began taking things lightly. Reality hits me right in the face when I flunked my first ever paper, about three semester ago. I freaked out and had a nervous breakdown. The only thing that was running through my mind at that time was, if I were to graduate in time, or if I'm going to flunk the paper again after retaking it. With God's blessings, I did not flunk it, and I've been doing alright after that incident. I'm happy to be able to go through the last semester of my undergraduate life. I will not say it was easy, but I did it. I appreciate all the help I've received from everyone :) Results for finals and my thesis will be out next month and I'm slightly anxious thinking about it.. #alliswell

2. I am happy to be able to play for my new frisbee team "Soar High".  First tourney together. The team sent two teams for the recent Bear Naked Indoor Ultimate Frisbee tournament. I was worried that I'll be feeling lost or left out. Or not being able to comprehend whatever strategy that is being used because I attended only two training sessions before the tournament due to finals. Nevertheless, the team actually did pretty well despite the mix and match of members and the chemistry among us got better towards the end of the day. It was a fun fun fun (and tiring) day :)

3. Super super happy for my birthday surprise (and my twin sister's of course)! Couldn't stop smiling until I went home that day. I think I was even smiling in my sleep. Idk. Probably :) Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came and to those who organized it. Truckloads of love and hugs ❤ Not forgetting my birthday brunch with the boy. Thank you :)

4. I had a great time celebrating my friend, Justin Lee's birthday at his place (despite getting lost for two hours trying to get to his house. I'm putting the blame on waze. I have the most ugliest luck with waze. Idek. fyi: I wasn't the only one who got lost. ha). It was the winter solstice day as well - double celebration! Thanks for having us Justin!!! p/s: your barbecued chicken wings were uhhmaazingggg.

5. Amazing amazing days spent with my family, relatives and friend back in Johor for Christmas. I was a little sad not being able to go back to my hometown, Sabah this year to celebrate with the rest of the David's family (maternal side). Since my mom's eldest sister decided not to go back this year as well, we went over to her place, and you know what - it turned out to be good. Better actually ❤ Had a Very Merry Christmas :)

That wraps up my post for today! Have a great time counting down to the New Year you guys!! Blessed year ahead! :) xx

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