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I just wanted to check in and confirm with you guys that yes, I am alive. I took an unannounced blog updating hiatus for about a month or so due to the hectic life as a third year-final semester undergraduate student. I come bearing good news! One, I've successfully submitted my final year dissertation on November 16th (after all the crying, the stressing out, and the binge eating). Two, the week after, did my oral defense/ presentation in front of my supervisor and moderator without making a fool out of myself (I was literally a nervous wreck, gripping my tummy tightly before it was my turn to enter the conference room). Allow me guide you through a very brief story.. Once I entered the conference room, I was convincing myself dearly that I was all ready- ready enough to take over the world because who run the world, GIRLS! But yea. I walked towards the table where the laptop was, stood beside it and waited for both the moderator and supervisor to settle down (they went out for a quick break). The moderator entered the room first and proceeds to through a few documents. Few seconds later, she looked up and ask me;

Moderator: Are you Shalinee?
Me: Yes, ms. 
Moderator: You don't look like a Shalinee?
Me: *started laughing, i don't know what was I thinking*
Moderator: *smiled* But really, in all seriousness, Shalinee?
Me: Yes, ms. I'm Shalinee. Why ms? What makes you say that I don't look like one?
Moderator: Are you mix?
Me: Yes, ms. My dad is Indian, mom is Sino.
Moderator: Sino? Kadazan-Chinese? Interesting. No wonder you don't look like Shalinee *In all honesty, I've gotten so much darker these days thanks to playing frisbee under the hot sun. So I was quite perplexed when she came up with such remarks. Ha* 
Moderator: Are you nervous? Don't be. You will be done in a jiffy.

And guess what guys?!?! I think I finished presenting within 10 minutes? Despite the 20-25 minute requirement. Managed to also answer the questions directed to me with much confidence (pats my back). I hope my hardwork will not go to waste *fingerscrossed*.

Let's get back to listing out the good news. Sorry, had to sidetrack for a moment. Three, I am done with finals! Like legitly done with exams for the rest of my undergraduate life. I have done my very best, I hope I'll be able to get the results that I wanted #alliswell. That wraps up my post for today. Will be updating this blog more frequently from now. Have a great week ahead everyone! :)

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