Samyang Korean Spicy Ramen Challenge

by - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hey guys!
So I took upon the Samyang Korean Spicy Ramen Challenge, and surprisingly.. I FINISHED IT!
This challenge has been going around for quite sometime, There are so many funny videos on the web of people taking up the challenge here.
Being a spicy food lover, I wanted to give this ramen a go to see if I could handle the spiciness of it.
After the first taste of the ramen, almost instantaneously, I could already feel the heat kicking in.
My advice is, avoid the noodle from getting anywhere on your face, but your mouth, or else it's gonna sting guys.
Around two or three slurp later, I could actually taste the flavor of this ramen despite the heat, and I only chug down a glass of water after I finished the whole bowl of it (proud moment here).
Craving for it right now as I'm typing this away. Haha!
My friend Joanne went to Korea, so I told her to get me a few packs :)
It is pretty pricey over here in Malaysia. However, you can always lookout for any "Korean Fair", or similar events because they actually do sell all sorts of ramen at a discounted price. There is one in Topicana City Mall at the moment, not sure when it ends though.

I've included the simple steps below on how to cook the ramen. Do give it a go! To be on the safe side, prepare a glass of water or milk and place it near you.

I bought this single packet at Tropicana City Mall Mini Korean Fair @ RM 5

Ingredients: Wheat flour, onion extract, red chili seed oil, garlic, and etc.
Simple steps, 1) Pour about 500ml of water and put the ramen in. Boil around 5 minutes, or until the ramen is soft enough. 

2) Take the ramen out, and leave about 5 spoons of that water.
Add the ingredients provided.

3) Mix well, and let your taste buds dance :P

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