Girls Night Out Gone Wrong

by - Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Planned a dinner date with the girls (Alya, Roshni and Sharon) at Artisan HQ, Seksyen 14 last Thursday. It was suppose to be a night of catching up (as if we've not seen each other for ages-hah), lots of laughter and making fun of other. When I woke up, I did what I usually do during my "lazy days"-now that exam's over. Made my bed, showered, made a cup of coffee for myself and ate biscuits, I would usually dip my biscuits into the hot coffee before eating them. Any of you guys do the same? Be it coffee or Milo? :P Then I surfed the internet-blog hopping and watching random YouTube videos. After all that lazying around, it was time to get ready for dinner . Hit the shower around 4,30 pm, did what I had to do, left the house around 5.30pm to fetch Alya and Rosh from their place. Used the new way that the boy taught me and to my surprised I managed to avoid the peak hour cray cray jam. Fetched the girls and went straight to Sharon's working place at Jaya One. We were quite early and Sharon was not done with her work yet. So we wandered around the place and went to the Pop Market. Alya bought a pair of super glam earrings (I think it weighs more than 2kg-idk, I'm just kidding). Sharon joined us, and she spent a good 40 minutes or so to get herself a skirt and a top (she's going for a pre-birthday clubbing sesh on Friday). Honestly, by the time she was done I was super hungry, and all I want is the Garlic and Tomato Pasta from Artisan. Mehhhh.. To my surprise, Alya and Rosh were not making much of a noise, not hurrying Sharon and all. They were pretty patient. Wow you guys.

Drove immediately to Artisan after that-! Parked, locked the car, went straight to the cashier/waiter stand to place my order. As I was looking at the menu on the wall in case I wanted something else, I realize that the barista was smiling at me and he was looking around. So I followed his eyes and looked around as well, and the other customers were also smiling and looking at us. Suddenly people started to popping from the second floor and I was like what? Familiar faces. Imran, Hazel, Faiz, Farah, and everyone? Omg. I turned and looked at Alya and Rosh and they were laughing, I started laughing, and the next thing I know.. Everyone started singing the birthday song to Sharon and I. OKAY! I GET IT NOW! WE GOT SURPRISED! Hardy ha ha...

I didn't see this coming at all. At all. They managed to surprise us last year, and I seriously thought they wouldn't this year. Clearly I was wrong. I couldn't stop laughing and smiling. So so happy to see everyone :) Even the boy lied to me. Previously, he said he was gonna stop by during dinner and passed the video that Sharon's boyfriend made for her but he said he was busy and there were some stuff to be taken care off. I fell for it. And to see him there makes me even happier. It's a white lie, it's okay. Forgiven (thank you for planning the surprise) :D Thank you to everyone who came! You guys are the best! (and yes, I finally had my pasta after making sure I hugged and said hi to everyone)

I'm turning 22 tmro (cues Taylor Swift's 22 song). Getting older, but definitely wiser. Really, seriously :)

 Awkward pose, awkward angle. Mehhh..

Sharon and I (stole it from Farah's snap)


With Rosh, Echa, Nas, Rai, Sharon and Alya 

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  1. Sounds like such a fun surprise! Happy birthday from a fellow 22 year old :)

    1. Hey Rachel!! Thank you so much for the wish <3