5 Things I'm Happy For // 6

by - Wednesday, January 20, 2016


 1. I got a new planner for this year and it's from Starbucks :) Can't believe I've actually used my 2015 one till the very last page.

 2. Thank you Shaz for getting me Tokyo Banana from your trip to Japan. I got not one, but two boxes :) Pretty neat birthday prezzies!

 3. When my sister, Sharon went to Singapore to visit Alya, she brought back three homemade syrups. They can be used when making coffee as a sweetener and flavoring - all thanks to Alya! Love love the Maple Vanilla Syrup :)

 4. Got to eat Boat Noodle after what feels like forever (one and a half months maybe?) Personally, I prefer Pathumthani compared to Ayutthaya. I think it's because of the hint of spiciness (although the waiter told me the other way around - that ayutthaya is spicier). I also love their kangkung leaves fried thingamajig and the condiment/dipping sauce it comes with. Good stuff guys.

l-r: Sharon, Darsheka and I

5. Thanks to Bernie, my sister and I got an opportunity to be in a short commercial (couldn't share much due to P&C). At the shoot, I actually met a few familiar faces (yayyy, less awkwardness) :) One of them is my primary schoolmate Darsheka! Had lot's of catching up :) Overall the shoot was fun, despite being under the sun for quite some time. I'm a shade darker at the moment.

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