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by - Friday, February 12, 2016

hydrogel mask

Hey guys!
I'll be sharing with you guys on five Faith in Face Hydrogel Masks :) But before that, just wanted to let you guys know.. I'm not really a fan of face mask until I started playing frisbee about two years ago. Long before, I choose to wear mask like for only once a month? Not as often as we are advised to. Apparently we are suppose to use it once a week, twice is better. Exfoliating the skin is also necessary to remove dead layer of skin, so you get a fresh skin and a good canvas to absorb all the goodness from the mask. Once I started playing frisbee, my skin got worse (especially my face) due to the constant exposure to the sun. I get dark scars and tiny spots or pigmentation and my pores tend to stretch out. I end up getting large pores. Meh. My mom pointed out to me one day that my skin condition is pretty bad and that I should take care of it properly. She even threatened me to quit playing frisbee. What? No. So.. I started taking care of my skin better and I also started wearing masks more frequent than I used to.

When I won the Faith in Face Hydrogel Masks Giveaway, I was a happy child. You know, new masks to try! Faith in Face originates from Korea and most of us know that masks from Korea are pretty good, especially for Asian skin. Hydrogel Mask is pretty new to the beauty market and the mask is actually formulated to mimic a second layer of skin. Now, I tried hydrogel mask before and I didn't have much trouble wearing these, but if you're a first timer it can get a little difficult wearing it because it comes in two pieces (top and bottom mask). The texture of the mask is so soft and gentle to the skin. You know how some face mask comes with very little liquid? When you wear it, it dries up quickly? But with the Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask, even after 15-20 minutes of wearing it, it is still moist. Very generous with the formula and you can actually take the excess liquid from the packet and apply it to your neck area. I also have pretty sensitive skin, and these masks doesn't irritate my skin.

hydrogel mask
 After Shower Look: Soothing and Moisturizing Mask
I wear this right before I go to sleep.
When I woke up the next day, my skin feels so moist, soft and 
hydrated, just like what is stated in the package: Intense Hydration. CHECKED.

hydrogel mask
 Black & White Film Star: Flash Whitening Mask
After wearing this mask, my skin feels nourished. Well, you need to religiously wear this mask maybe once a week to get the whitening effect, I ASSUME.. Because I have dark complexion and whitening products doesn't work for me very effectively. That being said, my face did appear brighter and pretty fresh :)

hydrogrel mask
Hold Me Tight: Lifting and Firming Mask
This mask does its job really well. After wearing this mask, it feels as though I went for a facial appointment (But I don't really like going for facials because I get breakouts right after. wth)

hydrogel mask
 Miss Invisible Pore: Pore Tightening Mask.
I love this. I really do. Nuff said. 

hydrogel mask
 Nourish Me: Vital Nourishing Mask
I love this one too. Smells a bit like honey. 
My skin feels so rejuvenated after wearing this. 
 And hydrated. Hydration is key you guys. 
Actually almost all the Faith in Face masks comes with the hydrating effect - which is 

You can get the masks at Watsons drugstores. Once I was done trying all, I actually went to Watsons and repurchased them. Don't you guys think the packaging is so cute! Or is it just me? I mean, if you read the descriptions on the package itself, like.. so cute and interesting! With the facts, information and all :) Oh! besides Faith in Face, I also love using the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack (normal to oily skin). Maybe I should do a review on it? :) 

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